Version 2

    Help Others

    Do you have experience of using Portlet Bridge to create JSF, RichFaces and Seam portlets?  Join the forum discussions and share what you're working on, or struggling with.


    If you have ideas for  Portlet Bridge, create a forum post in the development forums and let your ideas reach fruition.

    Found an Issue?

    If you've run into an issue with using the project, one of our examples, or have a suggestion, first place to ask is in the forums.If you've already done that, or just want to create the issue, please do at

    Fix an Issue!

    If you're ready to delve in and fix an issue, or work on new features, that's great news!  We welcome you onboard.


    The recommended first step is to get in touch with the project team for advice and feedback on what you plan to work on.  The best way to do that is through the develop forums in Portlet Bridge Development.


    If you'd like to work on an existing JIRA, then ask to have it assigned to you.  This will help the project lead keep track of who is working on which issues.  If there currently isn't a JIRA for what you want to do, please create one.

    Sign JBoss community license agreement

    If you haven't already signed the CLA for JBoss Portlet Bridge, please follow this link and login with your username and select the JBoss Portlet Bridge project.

    Follow coding conventions and style

    This project follows the JBoss Community code formatting profile defined in the jboss/ide-config directory.  The details are explained there, as well as configurations for Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans.

    Follow github workflow

    Follow our document that will walk you through the process of initially setting up your environment to use our GitHub repositories, as well as contribute pull requests to the project: Portlet Bridge | Development Workflow