Version 2

    Community members collaborate with the core developer team on prototyping new components in a git sandbox repository. This is like an incubation area for new components. Later, these components can then be included into official RichFaces release.  You are all welcome to test those components and provide feedback (such feedback is very precious!), or even participate in their development.


    There are two options for getting these components:

    1. getting a pre-built component from maven repository
    2. build component from source.


    1. Pre-built Sandbox Components

    Built components are hosted at JBoss Nexus SNAPSHOT repository.  Instructions on configuring your build environment to use JBoss SNAPSHOTS are available here: Maven Getting Started - Users, or you can download the artifacts directly from the richfaces sandbox section Nexus SNAPSHOT repository.


    2. Building Sanbox Components

    If you want to build from source go to Grab the read only URL and clone it, enter the components directory (i.e. schedule) and then run maven:


    git clone git://
    cd sandbox/schedule
    mvn install


    That's it. All the dependencies should be downloaded automatically by maven and the component should be available at ui/target/schedule-ui.jar.