Version 3


    With AS7 there is no really need to optimize the configuration to reduce the startup time or initial memory consumption.

    The only need is to secure or prevent that some modules are used from applications, e.g. the H2 database or mailing.


    The different configuration files for the modules are

    Standalone Mode - JBOSS/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml

    Domain mode - several profile sections within JBOSS/domain/configuration/domain.xml


    Choose the configuration that mostly fit your requirement and remove or add the subsystems you need.

    This configuration is very specific to the environment and applications. If you have documented the process for removing or adding  other services for JBoss 7.x please add to them here.

    Remove / add subsystems

    H2 database

    The database is included to be able run quickstarts and examples easily. As it is not full XA-Transaction compliant.

    It is recommended to not use the h2database in a production environment!

    For a list of supported databases check the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform documentation.


    • remove the complete <datasource ... ExampleDS ...>. If you have no other datasource remove <datasources> as well.
    • remove modules/com/h2database

    As there is no other subsystem dependency there is no need to change configurations as in previous versions.

    Deployment scanner [standalone mode only]

    To avoid deployment from the filesystem the subsystem can be removed.

    The management of deploment will be only possible by CLI or management console.

    • remove the complete subsystem deployment-scanner
    • remove the extension module
    • remove modules/org/jboss/as/deployment-scanner


    If applications should not send mails the subsystem can be removed.

    • remove modules/org/jboss/as/mail
    • remove extension module org/jboss/as/mail
    • remove the complete subsystem mail
    • remove outbound-socket-binding mail-smtp

    HornetQ [full]

    If there is no need for JMS, or even a need to add this to a smaller configuration the following elements must be removed or copied from the -full profile.

    • extension module
    • subsystem messaging
    • socket-binding messaging and messaging-throughput
    • adapt (add or remove) the ejb3 subsystem if MDB's are used,
      element <mdb> and pools.bean-instance-pools.strict-max-pool name="mdb-strict-max-pool"

    Clustering / JGroups

    In addition to remove the JGroups subsystem and JGroups/modcluster ports there are several changes in other subsystem for clustering (e.g. SFSB, infinispan cache).

    The different profiles are available as non-ha and ha examples, so you should use the proper example.