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    JBoss Community Welcomes GSoC 2012 Students


    All students & developers are welcome to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2012 program with the JBoss Community!


    The main GSoC 2012 idea page can be found at GSOC 12 Ideas. Once an idea is accepted by a mentor, it will be moved to the main idea page.



    Idea Proposal Template


    Please add your idea under one of the category headings using the template below. Make sure your idea is comprehensive and self describing every important thing.


    Project name


    Status: (Proposed or Draft)


    Summary of idea:






    Idea Proposals


    Below are the proposed ideas, organized by category. If there is no heading yet for your category, please add it as a level-2 heading.


    Category: HTML5 & Mobile

    Category: Testing


    Category: Tooling


    Category: Application Development


    Category: Security