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    I am pleased to announce a new article from Brian Leathem -

    A RichFaces Roundup - What's New With 4.2 .

    In this article, Brian discusses the latest developments in the RichFaces project. New components, mobile compatibility, resource loading optimizations, Ajax push, and CDI integration are all areas that have seen improvement with the recent 4.1 and 4.2 releases.  Here is an excerpt:


    RichFaces is more than just a JSF component set for building your applications. RichFaces (along with the Seam project) has always aimed to provide developers with a complete JSF framework for developing applications. With the recent RichFaces 4.1 release, the project continues to build on the ideas of innovation, open standards, community and quality that have made the project stand out over the years.

    Read the full article here:


    A RichFaces Roundup - What's New With 4.2



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