Version 3

    This wiki page will link to all things mobile we are doing with RichFaces.  If you are interested in Mobile, also be sure to check out the Aerogear Project, which is the hub for all things mobile at JBoss.


    Mobile Getting Started Guide (GSG)

    The guide Getting Started With Mobile RichFaces does a good job of outlining the approach we've taken with our mobile compatible components, and the HTML5/CSS3 and javascript techniques we leverage to build mobile applications.


    RichFaces Kitchensink Example Application

    We've put together an example application that makes use of many Java EE technologies, with a RichFaces/JSF frontend.  This Example is available as both:


    This example application takes the principles described in the above GSG and uses them to create a mobile view for the example application.


    Mobile Showcase

    If you view the RichFaces showcase on your mobile phone, you will automatically see the mobile compatible application.  If however you want to explore the mobile compatibility, you can do so via a WebKit based android browser, and visit the URL: