Version 15


    • your local git repository has following remotes:
    $ git remote -v show
    origin<git_user>/federation.git (fetch)
    origin<git_user>/federation.git (push)
    rhgit   git+ssh:// (fetch)
    rhgit   git+ssh:// (push)
    upstream (fetch)
    upstream (push)


    Pre-release steps:

    use this section when you don't have latest changes from upstream repository


    1. fetch the latest changes from upstream remote repository using: git fetch upstream
    2. make sure you are in master branch by git checkout master
    3. rebase mater to upstream/master using git rebase -i upstream/master
    4. inspect master branch using for example gitk --all
      Find exact commit you want to place your master pointer at.
    5. Move master pointer to the commit selected from previous step.
      git reset --hard <commit>
      It can be done directly from gitk right-clicking desired commit line and selecting "Reset master branch to here". Choose hard mode.
      Make sure you have no uncomited changes, because they will go away ;-)



    Ensure that you have created a JIRA release task such as

    You can clone the upstream projects to do the release.

    Workspaces to Release

    1. Federation:   need a deploy of artifacts to nexus
    2. picketlink-quickstarts:  need a deploy of artifacts to nexus
    3. integration-tests:  just tagging is sufficient.







    Release: git repo part

    if your master is already at last commit you want to release


    1. change <version> in all appropriate files:
      perl -pi -e 's/2.1.0-SNAPSHOT/2.1.0.Final/g' `find . -name \pom.xml`
    2. do mvn clean install to see if all is OK.
    3. if all is OK, commit the changes git commit -m "release version change: 2.1.0.Final"
    4. tag the release: git tag -a v2.1.0.Final -m 'version 2.1.0.Final'
    5. eventually merge commits left aside in pre-release steps to master
      1. push all changes in master upstream: git push --tags upstream master
    6. push all changes in master to rhgit (internal git repository): git push --tags rhgit master


    Release: push artifacts to JBoss Nexus Repository

    • Assuming your maven settings are correct,   do   "mvn deploy"
    • Login to nexus.  Look for the staging repository and your release link.
    • Choose the link with your user id.
    • Click "Close"  and give a description such as "PLFED-297: Release PicketLink 2.1.1.Final"
    • That will move the repo artifacts from stage 1 to stage2.  We are still not finished releasing the artifacts.
    • Now, choose the link again.  Press "Release" button and you can give the same description.  That is it.!!!
    • Choosing "Drop" will delete the link and artifacts.  So you can run "mvn deploy" again to fix any issues you may have.

    Post Release Tagging

    • perl -pi -e 's/2.1.1.Final/2.1.2-SNAPSHOT/g' `find . -name \pom.xml`
    • Commit and push
    • Check in github whether you have pushed correctly.


    You can always verify whether your artifacts are available in JBoss Nexus Public Repo at


    Update the magnolia pages for PicketLink
    • Mainly for the download page. (Contact the PicketLink Team Members on this as you will need the magnolia username/pass)


    Announce the Release
    • Blog, User Forum

    Party time:

    Spread the word about new release.

    - user forum, blog, the core, twitter, G+, #whateveryouareusing

    - in case of twitter consider: direct message @JBossNews to get a release pushed on all the social media streams


    Deleting the wrong tag


    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-keystore$ git tag -d 2012aug21
    Deleted tag '2012aug21' (was 2ea0939)
    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-keystore$ git push origin :refs/tags/2012aug21
    Enter passphrase for key '/home/anil/.ssh/id_rsa': 
    remote: warning: Deleting a non-existent ref.
     - [deleted]         2012aug21
    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-keystore$ git push upstream :refs/tags/2012aug21
    Enter passphrase for key '/home/anil/.ssh/id_rsa': 
     - [deleted]         2012aug21


    Changing/Adding Upstream


    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-ldap$ git remote -v show
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)
    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-ldap$ git remote add upstream
    anil@sadbhav:~/github/picketbox-ldap$ git remote -v
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)
    upstream (fetch)
    upstream (push)


    Other GIT related resources

    If you want to merge two workspaces etc: