Version 1

    For those who would like to participate to the JBoss Translation Community Effort, please contact me, present yourself shortly, and I will add you in the JBoss fr Language Team Page, direct you towards the relevant files to be translated, and you will be able to use Zanata Translation Software (open source) straight away.


    There are a few simple rules :


    • I am asking you to translate in italic so that we know it is a first draft and so that we know that it will need proof reading by more experienced translators if needed.


    • Changes and suggestions are more than welcome, but please do not change any other person's translation without permission: send an email to in that purpose. As the French Translation Tean Coordinator, I will assess the validity of the claim and authorize the change if necessary.


    • Please keep courteous with all participants, the purpose is to improve Quality Insurance of JBoss Translation through Discussion between all involved.