Version 7

    These are the tasks that need to be done by the organizer of a Newcastle JBug.


    One week in advance

    Check there are enough beers. We do need some lager (not Carlesburg or similar as no one drinks it) , but they don't count towards the beer total. You should ensure that there are at least 30 (?) bottles of Ale. Mike and Trev know how to order the beer.


    On the Day
    1. Obtain the key for the room before 16:30 as the office tends to close earlier than advertised. No key - no event!!
    2. Potentially wire up the networking for downstairs, the router is in the "My Protein" box on the filing cabinet. The instructions are taped to the router.
    3. Take the beer, napkins, bottle openers down to the meeting room.
    4. Ensure the presenter is set up and connected to the projector by 18:00
    5. Have someone stand at the Inex entrance between 18:00 and 18:20.
    6. Around 18:20 or when it looks like everyone has arrived, introduce the speaker and start the presentation.
    7. Order the Pizzas just after the presentation begins. See "Pizza Ordering" for the current process.
    8. After the talk tidy the room and ensure the key is put back in the red post box outside reception.

    Pizza Ordering
    1. Ensure you have cash for the Pizzas. Allow about £45 for 6 pizzas.
    2. Ring Pizza Hut: 0191 223 3646 (233 High Street, Gosforth, NE3 1HQ)
    3. Order 1 large pizza between three rounded up to nearest pizza. If the number is odd, order one more (see below).
      1. Specify 2-for-1 offer!
    4. Ensure 1/3 are vegetarian.
    5. See for list of pizza.
    6. Specify the exact time for the pizzas to arrive. This time should be a slightly conservative estimate of when the talk will finish.
    7. Have them deliver the pizzas to the entrance of the University on St Thomas Street.
      1. You will need to leave a mobile number for the driver to contact us.
      2. Ask the driver for a receipt
    8. See "Expensing" section for how to expense.


    1. Select "travel" template, purpose is "Newcastle jbug"
    2. Select "Marketing Event"
    3. Insert "Newcastle jbug" in the Justification
    4. Email Trev the total ASAP so that he can reconcile with the appropriate budget.



    Equipment Setup

    This section covers setting up the equipment so that the talk can be broadcast over Google Hangout-on-air and/or recorded with ScreenFlow.


    Setup Hardware
    • Move the table into place
    • Setup D-LINK router
      • If you have problems with the router, and don't need internet access for anyone else, then plug the purple laptop straight into the port on the wall.
    • Place purple laptop in place and boot up.
    • Plug things into laptop:
      • Power
      • Network cable from router
      • Camara via USB extension and placed on the tripod.
      • Snowball mic (switch to setting 1 on back. This focuses on the presenter)
      • VGA adapter plugged into projector lead.
    • Turn on projector
    • Press "Laptop 2" button on projector control panel on front right of room
    • Make sure the screens are mirrored and at 1024x768 resolution

    Record with ScreenFlow
    • Ensure the laptop screen is mirrored with the projector (same on both screens), rather than extended (different things on both screens).
    • Ensure you have PDF versions of the slides. Powerpoint doesn't play will with ScreenFlow as it displays different content on the laptop and projector screens when in presenter view.
    • Open ScreenFlow (cmd+space, type "screenflow", then select it)
    • With ScreenFlow selected go to "File -> New Recording"
    • On the new Recording dialogue box:
      • Tick "Record Video from" and select the Logitech web cam
      • Ensure "Record from audio" is selected and select the snowball as the input source
    • Click the red dot and wait for the recording to start
    • Open the PDF of the slides
    • Full screen the slides, by going to "View -> 'Slideshow View'".
    • Hand over to the presenter to give the talk.
    • IMPORTANT: when the talk is finished, press "shift+cmd+2" to stop the recording
    • IMPORTANT: Do not discard the recording! Save it to somewhere on the laptop and email the location to who will retrieve it at a later date.


    Setup Google Hangout
    • Open Chrome
    • New incognito window (shift+cmd+N)
    • goto
    • Login with your personal account
    • Click on the picture of you in the top right and select the "JBug Newcastle" account.
    • Hover over the person icon in the top left, a side bar should pop out.
    • Select "Hangouts on air"
    • Select "Start Hangout on Air"
    • Name the hangout, with the JBug session title. E.g. "September JBug: ThreadSafe"
    • Select cog in top right (you may need to expand the window to see it)
      • Ensure the "Blue Snowball" mic is selected and the "Logitech camera".
    • Click on "camera man" on the left and select yes to all three options, so as to ensure the attendees are hidden.


    Update the Google Plus Event
    • Copy the URL from the top of the hangout
    • Paste it into a comment on the event, stating that this is the hangout we will be using

    Connect to the hangout as a regular guest and check it works
    • Get a second laptop
    • Go to the event and open the hangout.
    • Go into the kitchen and have a person pretend to present whilst you listen and check the audio and video.
    • You may need to mute the video and audio of the first two attendees, as hangout only does it for three plus.