Version 1

    Hello everybody,


    I am newbie with Gradle, Git and I have a problem building from source. I have so many questions !


    1. What is the difference between using this command "git clone git:http//" and downloading directly the zip file from GIT ? No difference, i am right ?
    2. Second, I've used, as it was said, the command "git clone...", then "cd hibernate-orm" and "./gradlew clean build". What exactly does  the last command do ? Can somebody explain that to me please ? Double clicking on the gradlew.bat does exactly the same, right ?
    3. What about this command "gradle eclipse" ? When should I use this command ? After "./gradle clean build" ?
    4. What could happen if I skip the tests (I have an error on hibernate.infinispan test) ?


    As you see I am totaly lost.