Version 8

    If you want to connect to a remote JBoss WildFly/EAP instance without installing the server on your local machine, you can use the CLI remote client jar.  It is called jboss-cli-client.jar and it is located in <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/client.


    The jboss-cli-client jar can be used to remotely manage a JBoss WildFly/EAP instance with CLI or jconsole.  Copy jboss-cli-client.jar to your client machine.


    The jboss-cli-client jar connects to most older versions of the server.  So it's a good way to get the benefit of the latest CLI fetures without upgrading to the latest version of the server.


    To Run CLI using jboss-cli-client.jar

    java -jar <PATH TO jboss-cli-client.jar> [--help] [--version] [--controller=host:port]
                                             [--gui] [--connect] [--file=file_path]
                                             [--user=username --password=password]

    Use --help for an explanation of the CLI command line options.


    For help on using the --controller option, see CLI Connections - Address Handling.  This document is especially helpful if you need to connect to pre-WildFly versions such as AS7 or EAP6.


    To Run jconsole using jboss-cli-client.jar

    jconsole -J-Djava.class.path=<PATH TO jconsole.jar>;<PATH TO tools.jar>;<PATH TO jboss-cli-client.jar>


    Path to jconsole.jar and tools.jar is typically <JAVA_HOME>/lib/jconsole.jar and <JAVA_HOME>/lib/tools.jar.


    Getting the jboss-cli-client.jar from Maven

    If you don't have a WildFly/EAP installation handy, you can also get the client jar directly from Maven.  The repository is at  You should exclude all dependencies.  Everything you need is in a single jar.



    This url will search for the latest versions:;gav~org.wildfly.core~wildfly-cli~~~client

    Note: The above search is unable to sort.  Be sure to scroll down to find the latest.  As of this writing, the latest version is 1.0.0.Alpha15