Version 2



    • A Windows installation (Windows 7 has been used for developement up to this point)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for developement and running the tests. It can be downloaded with a up to 3 month trial version from here.  
      • Micorsoft Visual C# Express (free) can be used for developement as well. The problem with it is that it doesn't allow running unit the tests. (we've chosen the native MicrosoftUnitTest solution to other alternatives such as NUnit as the later generally have poor support for debugging)
    • The client is held under github, so a Windows github client is needed
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is needed to use the Infinispan Hot Rod .NET client library. It can be downloaded from here
    • Nant 0.92 - a tool very similar with ant from which it got inspired. It is OSS and can be installed from here.
      • Note: If you’re using Windows 7 and get weird stacktrace exceptions when running Nant you might want to take a look at this thread.


    Developement Setup

    Download the sources

    If you don't already have a local copy of the sources get one. E.g.

    git clone

    If you have a local copy make sure it contains the latest changes from the server:

    git checkout master
    git pull origin master
    git status


    Download the dependecies

    For now the list of dependencies to be downloaded are enumerated in the  dotnet-client\lib\readme.txt.

    All the .dll files should be added to dotnet-client\lib. (A mvn-like dependency management tool might be added at some point in the future).



    • NLog - an open source logger for .NET has been used for logging. It's configuration can be set in <dot-net-client-src-dir>\tests\NLog.config
    • Instructions on configuring NLog can be found here.


    Test environment setup

    • in order to run the tests, an Infinispan distribution is needed. You can download one from here (up to this point, developement has been made on Infinispan 5.2.x)
    • unzip de distribution file to a directory (e.g. infinispan-5.2.0.ALPHA2-all) and define an evironemnt variable named ISPN_HOME to point to that directory (e.g. ISPN_HOME=c:\infinispan-5.2.0.ALPHA2-all)
    • open a command shell and navigate to  the <dot-net-client-src-dir>\tests\etc folder
      • run copytestconfigs.bat and preparetestenv.bat
      • these scripts would amend your Infinispan installation so that the tests can be run
    • make sure that you can run the tests
      • open Visual Studio and the open the tests' slution: <dot-net-client-src-dir>\tests\build.sln
      • run all the tests: "Tests\Run\All Tests in solution"



    If any problems/qustions please drop an email to the infinispan-dev mailing list(requires subscrption),  post on the Infinispan forums or IRC channel.