Version 4


    In the Gatein Page and Site composer, the user can save his change by clicking on a Save icon that is placed in the top right corner. It may confuse users because it is commonly admitted that save actions should be placed at the bottom below the form.


    This specification is a tiny redesign of the Page and Site composer dialog to overcome an usability issue due to the misplacement of the save action.



    Page editor Site Editor
    page-editor.png site-editor.png

    The following changes will be done in the UI :

    • the  Save icon is replaced by a Save button at the bottom of the composer
    • a Cancel button is replaced beside the Save button
    • View Page Properties label is replaced by Page Settings
    • Site's Config label is replaced by Site Settings
    • Switch View Mode label is replaced by Preview Mode
    • When in preview mode, the Preview Mode label changes to Wireframe Mode