Version 4

    Previous versions of this article reference Sun's generic JMS JCA RA for integration with Tibco EMS.  In my view, there are a couple of down-sides to using this RA:

    1. It doesn't support JMS 2.0.
    2. The project appears to have been abandoned. The last release was a small bugfix release that occurred in May of 2014 (almost 3 years ago at this point). The "users" mailing list has been essentially dormant since 2014.  A JBoss AS user posted a question in August of 2016 and received no help.
    3. No JBoss/Wildfly developers have expertise with the RA.
    4. I'm not aware of any organization or entity which actually tests Sun's RA with Wildfly and/or JBoss EAP.


    I think a better option would be to use the Generic JMS JCA Resource Adapter for JBoss AS for the following reasons:

    1. It supports JMS 2.0.
    2. Active developers are working on it and supporting it. Several of these developers also work on Wildfly itself and/or other projects in the Wildfly ecosystem.
    3. Red Hat certifies the use of this RA with JBoss EAP.


    General information about the RA along with specific instructions for integration with Tibco are available in the documentation as well as a link to a Google Group for additional support if necessary.