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    This doc is in progress and subject to change. ~nickboldt


    Publishing SOA/BRMS Tooling components


    == STEP ONE :: Nightly Snapshot Build (Continuous Integration) ==


    Run your job as you would run a local build, that is, by invoking Maven 3 w/ Tycho 0.15 (or later) against your sources.


    Then publish the output of the build to the server using - simply run a shell script at the end of the job which does this:


    Currently, the script that everyone uses assumes a few things:


    a) git or svn sources are fetched into ${WORKSPACE}/sources/, not the root ${WORKSPACE} folder

    b) all builds will go into${JOB_NAME}


    Invocation of the script is done via Jenkins like this:


        cd ${WORKSPACE}/sources/

        wget -q --no-check-certificate -N



    == STEP TWO :: Promoting a Snapshot to Milestone / Release ==


    You will need a second job with a "-publish" suffix which will copy your latest nightly to a new location.


    Invocation of the script is done via Jenkins like this:


        wget -q --no-check-certificate -N

        . -BUILD_TYPE build_type -TARGET_PLATFORM target_platform -PROJECT_NAME project_name -TARGET_FOLDER target_folder -SOURCE_PATH source_path


    Example jobs (which show how to set up the above job parameters, such as ${TARGET_PLATFORM} or ${BUILD_TYPE}):



    == Naming conventions ==


    Development milestones (x.y.z.Beta2) go here:  updates/development/{eclipse-version}/{stream}/

    Stable releases (x.y.z.Final) will go in here: updates/{stable|release}/{eclipse-version}/{stream}/





    == Integration Builds? ==


    In future, we may also have "integration" builds, which are nightlies deemed good enough for

    use by downstream developers, but not stable enough (ie., not tested enough) to be released to community as a milestone.


    The above process will also work for building then promoting an integration build - it just uses BUILD_TYPE = integration instead of development or stable.


    == Composite Sites? ==


    When you publish your build, eg., into



    composite metadata will now be generated into



    See for details.


    == Index Pages? ==


    Should the generated sites have a similar look and feel instead of a raw directory listing?


    Yes. See