Version 13

    JBoss Community is pleased to participate in the Outreach Program for Women 2013.


    JBoss community has a number of open source projects that you can participate in:

    • Application Server
    • Infinispan (Data Grids)
    • Hibernate (the most famous ORM, Hibernate OGM the NoSQL integration, Hibernate Search the integration with Apache Lucene)
    • PicketLink (Security)
    • TorqueBox (Ruby)
    • Drools (Rules)
    • jBPM
    • Aerogear (Mobile/HTML5)
    • Arquillian  (Enterprise Testing)
    • Errai (GWT)
    • And Many More ...



    Developer Contacts

    Anil Saldhana ( Email:  asaldhan AT  redhat DOT com   IRC: asaldhan)

    Mircea Markus ( Email:  mmarkus  AT  redhat  DOT com  IRC: mmarkus)

    Jonathan Fuerth ( Email: jfuerth AT redhar DOT com  IRC: jfuerth)

    Sanne Grinovero ( Email: sanne @ redhat DOT com IRC: sannegrinovero Mentor for: Hibernate (all), Lucene, Infinispan )

    Aslak Knutsen (Email: aslak @ redhat DOT com IRC: aslak Mentor for: Arquillian)



    #opw-jboss   (Freenode)

    #errai   (Freenode)

    Mailing List

    Coming Soon




    See Developer Contacts above



    Project Ideas


    • PicketLink : 
      • Develop demo Java Web Applications using Java EE6 (CDI/JPA) to showcase PicketLink v3 security capabilities. You should be comfortable with Java and databases. You will use JBoss AS 7 as your runtime container. (Mailing List:  security-dev AT  Subscribe at
    • Errai:
      • Enhance the Errai Forge Plugin (many ideas at
      • Try to make Errai Marshalling work as an annotation processor rather than by scanning the TypeOracle (this should improve development-time performance and simplify deployment)
      • Create an Errai Maven Plugin that helps simplify Errai project POMs
      • Create an Errai Eclipse plugin that helps with Errai-specific development tasks:
        • Navigational aids (eg. F3 on @Templated to goto template in Errai UI)
        • Additional warnings and errors (with quick fixes)
          • @AutoBound type must be annotated with @Bound
          • @Templated type must extend Composite
        • Suppress unused warnings on certain things with Errai annotations
        • Extra entries in the New menu (for example, New Templated Widget)
      • Make Errai work properly under JRebel's GWT plugin (marshalling and IoC are the biggies)
      • Try to implement a JPDA connector for SourceMaps (so you can attach a Java debugger to Chrome in SuperDevMode.) More info about the protocol at
    • Hibernate Search / Infinispan Query
      • Both projects share a common query engine built on top of the Apache Lucene indexing and fulltext library, so any new feature contributed to hibernate-search-engine is then available to Infinispan and Hibernate users alike.
      • Today the only supported indexing backend is embedded Lucene (in the same JVM): introduce capability to delegate to remote engines:
        • Elastic Search
        • Apache Solr
      • Distribute queries to multiple nodes
      • Migrate to Apache Lucene 4.0+ (from current 3.6)
        • get it working attempting to keep some backwards compatibility
        • Take advantage of the new features in Lucene 4
      • Simplify setup of clusters (improve integration)
        • improve auto-discovery mechanisms
        • better detection of illegal configurations / suggestions
    • Hibernate ORM
      • Help integrating a new JPQL query parser in the core
    • Hibernate OGM
      • Develop CRUD operations for any NoSQL technology you like
      • Implement an AST visitor to transfor the queries created by the new JPQL query parser and execute them natively on your favorite NoSQL
    • Infinispan / Lucene
      • Develop a Lucene Codec (new feature in Lucene 4) to store indexes in Infinispan
      • Improve performance
      • Native C++ HotRod client for Infinispan
    • Arquillian