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    This article will describe the steps required to build a sample application using JBoss Forge. As OpenShift does not currently (2012-11-15) have the latest version of SwitchYard, this document will also describe the steps required to install a SwithYard 0.6 overlay into OpenShift.



    Ant, Maven, Java, SwitchYard 0.6 Installer zip


    1. Install Forge


    Go to:


    Download and install Forge 1.0.6.


    2. Install the OpenShift Command Line Tools



    3. Unzip the SwithYard Installer and Install Forge Tools


    From the SwitchYard Installer directory, run:


    ant install


    Answer no to all questions except:

    "[input] Would you like to install the SwitchYard Forge Module (y/n)? ([y], n)"


    4. Create a test OpenShift Application


    rhc app create sytest8 jboss-as7


    5. Install SwitchYard to the App


    From the sample project's main directory, start forge. You should see output similar to this:


    Using Forge at /home/jsightler/javadevtools/jbossforge/latest


       |  ___|__  _ __ __ _  ___

       | |_ / _ \| `__/ _` |/ _ \  \\

       |  _| (_) | | | (_| |  __/  //

       |_|  \___/|_|  \__, |\___|




    JBoss Forge, version [ 1.0.6.Final ] - JBoss, by Red Hat, Inc. [ ]

    [sytest8] sytest8 $



    project install-facet switchyard and say accept the defaults ("Y" to updating to a jar, and take the default app name)


    You should see results like this:


    [sytest8] sytest8 $ project install-facet switchyard

    ? Facet [switchyard] requires packaging type(s) [jar], but is currently [war]. Update packaging? (Note: this could deactivate other plugins in your project.) [Y/n] y

    ? Application name [sytest8]

    ***SUCCESS*** Installed [switchyard] successfully.

    Wrote /home/jsightler/project/openshift/sytest8/pom.xml

    Wrote /home/jsightler/project/openshift/sytest8/src/main/resources/META-INF

    [sytest8] sytest8 $


    6. Copy SwitchYard 0.6 Modules to Overlay Folder


    Copy the following modules from a fully installed SwitchYard 0.6 AS7 instance to .openshift/config/modules within your project:











    7. Get the sample project from Github



    Modify the pom to match your project name (groupid, artifiactid, etc).


    Modify the port in src/main/resources/wsdl/OrderService.wsdl to match your deployment hostname on OpenShift.


    Modify the contextPath in src/main/resources/META-INF/switchyard.xml to match your desired context path


    8. Add all files to git and push


    git add -A; git commit -a -m "Adding sample project files"; git push


    9. Go to:


    Load this WSDL into your favorite SOAP test tool (eg, SoapUI) and send a sample request