Version 1

    NOTE: We much prefer the normal workflow that uses GitHub Pull-requests. If possible, please do that.



    Using Patches

    You can get the source by cloning the official Git repository (as we did in the previous section), but if you prefer you can download the code using a variety of techniques. You can use Git to get just the latest code (via the "--depth 1" parameter) from our 'master' branch:


    $ git clone git:// --depth 1


    Or you can specify a different branch:


    $ git clone git:// --depth 1 --branch 2.2.x



    If you'd rather just get the code (without using Git), you can download a ZIP file of the source on a particular tag:


    $ curl -L | tar xz


    or you can specify the commit SHA-1 (or the unique part of it) instead of the tag name:


    $ curl -L | tar xz


    Once you have the source, try building:


    $ mvn clean install


    Then make your changes, rerunning the build to make sure your changes don't cause a regression by breaking some of the unit tests. You can then create a patch of your changes and upload them to the JIRA.