Version 3

    On the S-RAMP project we are producing our documentation right on the github wiki in AsciiDoc. The github wiki itself is a github repo, so you can work on or offline. The process cannot be easier.


    We convert the asciidoc into an intermediate Docbook format, which then is used to create HTML and PDF versions. If you want to build these yourself you need to install asciidoc on your machine and check out the repository locally using: 

    git clone


    Then go into the directory, and run:


    asciidoc -a docinfo -b docbook Guide.asciidoc


    This will produce a docbook formatted file called Guide.xml. Now, go back up in the guide directory and run:


    mvn clean install


    and it will build HTML and PDF versions in the target/docbook/publish/en-US directory.


    Here is the wiki version:

    and here is the docbook train version:




    1. I spotted a typo, can I fix it?

      Yes please help us maintain the documentation. Simpy update the appropriate page right on github. Our nightly build will distribute the changes to docbook and the html and pdf versions.

    2. How do I add an image?

      Images can not be uploaded through the github UI. Instead you need to add them to the images directory in the root of the repo and then push it up to github. You can then reference your image on the page using image::images/<myimage>.ext. NOTE: Make sure to add an empty line before and after this image reference.

    3. How do add a numbering and references?

      You should add a label -we use the convention <type>-<chapter>-<label>, i.e. [[figure-gs-screenshot-of-the-s-ramp-ui]]- , a title i.e. .Welcome screen of the s-ramp-ui. and then the thing itself -for an image use something like image::images/srampui.png[Screenshot of the s-ramp-ui]. The label figure-gs-screenshot-of-the-s-ramp-ui can be used to link to this figure using <<figure-gs-screenshot-of-the-s-ramp-ui>>.

    4. How do I add a chapter to the book in docbook?

      We add chapters as different files, and then include them in the Guide.asciidoc file. At docbook generation time it will pull in the chapter into the Guide.xml file. Also we add a link in the _Sidebar.asciidoc page to have a link when looking at it at Github in wiki style.