Version 3

    In moving from RichFaces 3 to RichFaces 4, the documentation of the porjected fragmented, as we aimed to improve the accessibility of the docs, as well as turning towards more automated documentation generation.  In RichFaces 5 we'd like to look at whether/how these docs can be re-assimilated to provide all members of the RichFaces community with an optimal documentation experience.


    To facilitate this goal, this wiki page will capture a set of user stories of how we would like to see the documentation used with RichFaces 5


    User Stories

    1. As a RichFaces user I want to
      • have a single reference for all aspects of using a component
        • so that I don't waste time parsing different documentation sources
      • have the documentation available in both PDF and HTML format
        • so that I can have the docs easily accessible when offline
      • find best practices and recommendations in documentation
        • so that I can learn useful information about using components
      • have a link to VDL documentation in docs
        • so that I can find outstanding up-to-date information about tags directly
      • have a link to Showcase
        • so that I can review discussed topics in a sample
    2. As a RichFaces developer I want to
      • maximize the amount of documentation that is generated from source
        • so that I can reduce the maintenance cost associated with keeping the documentation up-to-date
      • have the documentation available in docbook xml format
        • so that I can meet the requirements of the downstream WFK product
      • easily preview what the rendered documentation will look like
        • to reduce the documentation authoring turnaround time
      • easily navigate to the documentation source
        • so that I can quickly modify docs as I find issues