Version 3

    With RichFaces 5.0 we are moving to a skinning/theme mechanism backed by Bootstrap and LESS.  In this page we would like to capture use cases of how the RichFaces community would like to use the skinning/theme mechanism, so we can implement in the most usable manner.


    User Stories

    1. As a RichFaces user I want to
      • have a beautiful modern skin out-of-the box
        • so that I can prototype an application without having to worry about style
      • have a style or theme that is responsive to my display/environment. 
      • have fonts that are both large enough to read and are presentable
      • have a minimal amount of page style
        • so that my pages do not look like a huge color palette (e.g. Windows Phone 8, new iOS 7 style etc.)
    2. As a RichFaces application developer I want to
      • have default demo themes that are good and exciting
        • so that I know custom skins and themes can be easily made attractive
      • have the ability to create a custom theme/skin
        • so that I can meet the external requirements on the L&F of my application
      • be able to easily skin my application, including dropping in new image resources
        • so that I can quickly and easily customize the L&F of my application
      • easily make component level adjustments
        • so that I can tune the L&F of a component without destroying the L&F of the whole site
      • have really good skinning/theming documentation
        • so that I can extend the skin if necessary
      • ensure that modifications to themes/skins doesn't need webapp restart
        • that I can enable theme changes on the fly
      • have centrally managed values for colors/fonts etc.
        • so that I can customize the skin/theme of the entire application with minimal code changes
      • have a webtool to customize the skin
        • so that I can create a custome skin/theme with minimal CSS knowledge
    3. As a RichFaces core developer I want to
      • have a re-usable set of base style components
        • so that I can consistently style the framework as new components are added
      • provide a set of nice looking out-of-the box themes
        • to demonstrate how easy it it to come up with a cutsom theme