Version 2

    Describes the goals a rethinking of Hibernate's web presence. We currently have the following bricks


    General goals


    • clear the confusion between Hibernate the family and Hibernate ORM
    • make the blog system (more) usable and encourage blogging
    • make the benefits of our projects more readable
    • make edition and automated tasks easier than the current system (esp magnolia)
    • get rid of the spam (blog comments and forum)
    • low maintenance and fast response time


    Proposed goals


    • Integration between all web presence
    • Have a one-stop presence for everything related to Hibernate, with a unified, fresh and mobile-enabled L&F
    • Make the benefits of our projects easily comprehensible on a very prominent place as e.g. done at
    • Make user's life easier by providing tutorials, making contents easily provided in different languages etc.
    • Foster community involvement e.g. by making everything easily user editable
    • Have a powerful search over everything (docs, forum contents, blogs, #hibernate-dev logs, javadocs, etc.)
    • Make our life easier by enabling automated updates of the relevant parts during releases