Version 9

    Check JIRA

    1. Check all issues resolved.
    2. Create next point release version if not exists - this is so you can push issues in step 3 below.
    3. Unresolved issues should be resolved or pushed.


    Check Hudson

    Ensure no test failures in the group of hudson tests, for the branch you intend to release.


    Do Release


    export RELEASE_VERSION=1.0.0.Alpha2
    cd $NTA_SOURCE/scripts
    cd ..
    git fetch upstream
    git checkout $RELEASE_VERSION
    mvn clean deploy -DskipTests=true
    mvn clean install -DskipTests=true
    sshfs -o defer_permissions ~/
    mkdir -p ~/$RELEASE_VERSION/binary
    cp ./nta-dist/target/nta-$RELEASE_VERSION.ear ~/$RELEASE_VERSION/binary
    cp ./demo/target/nta-demo-$RELEASE_VERSION.war ~/$RELEASE_VERSION/binary




    Release the artifacts through Nexus

    2. login
    3. "Staging Repositories"
    4. Click tickbox for your repo
    5. Click "Close"
    6. Don't worry about a description, just click "Close"
    7. Click tickbox after it is closed
    8. Click "Release"
    9. Again a description doesn't matter


    Update Website


    JIRA Release

    1. Close all issues for the release
    2. Mark as released (Need admin permissions)



    Promote the release through the following channels:

    1. Email
    2. Forum
    3. Blog: fixversion = "5.0.0.M4" AND project in (nta) AND priority >= major AND issuetype not in (Bug, task) AND resolution not in ("Duplicate Issue", Rejected, "Won't Fix", "Out of Date", "Cannot Reproduce Bug")