Version 1

    This document is outlining features in current version of JBoss Tools Visual Page Editor based on XULRunner

    ( it is work in progress, feel free to comment if something is missing )


    1. Source editing has highest priority and is not interrupted by visual part rendering
    2. Incremental update after after changes in source code
    3. Navigation in source by selecting elements in visual part
    4. Navigation in visual part by selection or cursor positioning in source code
    5. Editing text nodes in visual part
    6. Editing element position by DnD inside visual part
    7. Add new page elements using DnD from Palette to visual part with graphical feedback marking drop location over current content
    8. Add new page elements using DnD from Palette to source with virtual cursor beam marking actual location of new element after drop
    9. Accept DnD in source code only between nodes
    10. Element selector with resize markers
    11. Drill down navigation for template based pages or inclusions
    12. Hide/show invisible elements on page
    13. Simple Style Editing Support in internal visual part toolbar
    14. Navigation Bar for nodes hierarchy
    15. Toggle manual/automatic update for visual part after source's changes
    16. Support presentation for template based pages
    17. Pop up menu with context actions for visual part
    18. Template based source transformation to show none html elements in visual part
    19. Hovers for elements under mouse pointer