Version 1

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 8.4


    • [TEIIDDES-1578] -         Extension Properties category keeps collapsing in Property View
    • [TEIIDDES-1779] -         Designer error when trying to read a remote server configuration that's running in domain mode
    • [TEIIDDES-1797] -         Issuing web service SOAP call produces parsing exception in Teiid
    • [TEIIDDES-1808] -         Getting NPE when making a REST call
    • [TEIIDDES-1842] -         Instructions for installation reference JBT 4.0.1, not 4.1
    • [TEIIDDES-1844] -         Teiid Designer update site build job should pass in a value for so that it can build Nightly, Development, or Stable sites (and include the correct label in the HTML)
    • [TEIIDDES-1879] -         Translator Override Properties dialog box show the properties for the data sources, it should show override properties for translator
    • [TEIIDDES-1915] -         Flat file connection profile doesn't allow relative path to folder & other
    • [TEIIDDES-1945] -         Unable to deploy and test a VDB with same name models with different extensions
    • [TEIIDDES-1950] -         Import wizard selections reset
    • [TEIIDDES-1961] -         Create User Defined Wizard Displays The UDF Jar Path In Reverse Order From Entered Text
    • [TEIIDDES-1977] -         Clean up Diagram printing and save jpg file features.
    • [TEIIDDES-1991] -         File translator override for encoding defaults to UTF-8 in Designer but doesn't write to the vdb.xml
    • [TEIIDDES-2013] -         Preview with SalesForce data source does not work
    • [TEIIDDES-2016] -         Editing column info (name or datatype) in Flat File importer does't update generated SQL statement
    • [TEIIDDES-2018] -         DDL importer creates wrong data type for "integer"
    • [TEIIDDES-2020] -         RestWebArchiveBuilderImpl.createResourceJavaClasses() method uses wrong server version check
    • [TEIIDDES-2022] -         UDF Jar Path deleted from Create User Defined Function dialog
    • [TEIIDDES-2023] -         DDL import wizard shows Model name in field DDL file
    • [TEIIDDES-2024] -         Designer should not add connection-jndi-name attribute in VDB.xml when no jndi is being referenced
    • [TEIIDDES-2025] -         JBDS 7/Designer 8.3 having issues connecting to a EDS 5.x server
    • [TEIIDDES-2036] -         Internal Error of Teiid Server JDBC Driver when accessing via Data Source Expolorer
    • [TEIIDDES-2040] -         Create WS action results in SQL transformation validation errors
    • [TEIIDDES-2042] -         Preview Parser on Flat File Import Wizard shows incorrect data
    • [TEIIDDES-2044] -         LDAP importer needs to be added to feature.xml and plugins/pom.xml
    • [TEIIDDES-2045] -         VdbDeployment - autoCreate source does not create the source with the jndi name
    • [TEIIDDES-2055] -         HTTP 406 Importing Generated REST Service as Source
    • [TEIIDDES-2056] -         NPE while creating multiple views from Flat File import
    • [TEIIDDES-2061] -         char[n+] field is truncated by importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2062] -         ResourceException validing resource when other project recently closed
    • [TEIIDDES-2064] -         Issues with 8.4 Designers handling of Teiid 8.6 Runtime version



    • [TEIIDDES-1801] -         Usability - When creating REST War, save the Target Data Services info to be used on subsequent creations
    • [TEIIDDES-1857] -         Create and implement a cross-platform file name validator
    • [TEIIDDES-1863] -         Add native type to procedure parameters
    • [TEIIDDES-1933] -         Guides view actions do not account for adding models to existing VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-1934] -         Teiid Connection Import wizard could use a "Save to Workspace" option for returned Teiid DDL
    • [TEIIDDES-1946] -         Dialog resticts name characters too much
    • [TEIIDDES-1953] -         Provide sort facility on file list in "Import From File Source Dialog"
    • [TEIIDDES-1982] -         Improve Error Dialog message for VDB deployment where source doesnt exist
    • [TEIIDDES-1990] -         There is no way to edit a vdb's data role for sysadmin by Teiid Designer
    • [TEIIDDES-2034] -         Inconsistent model naming validation in wizards and dialogs
    • [TEIIDDES-2037] -         Unable to get Apply Template enabled in transformation for procedure
    • [TEIIDDES-2051] -         VdbDeployment - add option to expose VDB as a source (or do it automatically)
    • [TEIIDDES-2053] -         Generate shorter readable names in import wizards for remote file imports



    Feature Request

    • [TEIIDDES-1794] -         Designer support for global temporary tables
    • [TEIIDDES-2019] -         Option to Set Element as Root Path is Missing for WSDL Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2029] -         Remove Trailing Slash for Root Path in WSDL Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2067] -         Provide better handling and options for persisting diagram positional coordinates


    Quality Risk

    • [TEIIDDES-2057] -         OutputStream not Closed in TeiidXmlImportSourcePage



    • [TEIIDDES-1613] -         Need Documentation for the REST Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-1786] -         Update query metadata interface for update to teiid 8.5 interface
    • [TEIIDDES-1874] -         Verify NS Uris in all of our MEDs
    • [TEIIDDES-1904] -         Update REST WAR Generation Documentation
    • [TEIIDDES-2014] -         8.4 Release Work