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    Drools and jBPM are quickly becoming the leading framework for representing enterprise level business knowledge, and everyday more companies are applying them in their everyday tasks, and keeping up with change cna be quite challenging. That is why we are offering a brand new course in which we will teach you how to apply their latest versions in various situations and types of industries.

    This workshop introduces Business Process Management and prepares you to be immediately effective in using both Drools and jBPM to improve your applications. You will learn how to utilize the different stages of BPM where development is involved, for both versions 5 and 6 of the Drools and jBPM platform.

    We'll discuss several best practices that allow for effective BPM, and how the jBPM components are more suitable placed into those best practices. We'll also cover how is the best way to perceive the software writing work related to running effective Business Processes and rules, and see how this allows a best fit from an End User perspective.

    Where? San Francisco, CA. At Microtek: 655 Montgomery St Suite 400.

    When? Right after the Red Hat Summit! April 21-25 , filled with Q&A sessions and workshops, from 9:00 AM to 16:30 PM.

    By Who? By jBPM commiter and Plugtree's CTO Mariano De Maio (a.k.a. Marian Buenosayres), jBPM commiter and Plugtree's CTO. Mariano has provided several contributions to the Drools and jBPM community, including the initial version of jBPM Form Builder, Drools and jBPM persistence using infinispan, and jBPM rollback API.

    What will it cover? Full theoretical and technical overview of Drools and jBPM. You can download the full agenda from here

    We offer different options depending on your interest, group discounts, and early bird prices if you enrol before March 20th!


    Drools: April 21-23. Introduction + full technical coverage of Drools. USD 1400.00
    jBPM: April 21, 24 and 25. Introduction + full technical coverage of jBPM. USD 1400.00
    Full: April 21 - 25. USD 1960.00, and 1929.00 after 9/21/13. Register and get the early bird pricing!


    Please check at our site for the full details, or send us an email at for other payment methods. See you at San Francisco!