Version 1

    Support has been added to release build for WildFly. The distribution tests all pass except for a few.


    ATM, the deployment zip can be built from the release github master branch. Since the WildFly module is a derivative of AS7/EAP build, you can cd into release/jboss-as7 and build with the command

    mvn clean install -Pwildfly

    This will build the following modules

    SwitchYard: Container Parent
    SwitchYard: AS7 Release Distribution Tests
    SwitchYard: AS7 Extension
    SwitchYard: AS7 Modules
    SwitchYard: AS7 Bundle
    SwitchYard: Wildfly Standalone Parent
    SwitchYard: WildFly Extension
    SwitchYard: WildFly Modules
    SwitchYard: WildFly Bundle
    SwitchYard: Wildfly Distribution
    • You can skipTests, if you want only the deployment zip.
    • The wildfly/dist/target/jboss-switchyard directory also contains a pre-configured WildFly+SwitchYard binary used for testing.
    • WildFly 8.0.0.Final will be downloaded as part of the build.
    • The zip file found under release/jboss-as7/wildfly/dist/target can be safely extracted onto an existing WildFly installation's root directory.


    Work In Progress

    • BPEL
    • jBPM
    • Console
    • Installer