Version 7

    WildFly 8.1.0.CR1 Release Notes


    This is mostly bug fix release with few enhancements and some new minor added features.


    Notable Updates Since 8.0.0.Final

    Enhanced default shipped configuration where now many default values are calculated based on hardware capabilities of running system.

    Distribution size was decreased as we trimmed size of admin console and removed few obsolete modules.

    Undertow subsystem gained few more options in SSO and access log configuration.

    Security realms got support for PKCS12 keystores.

    JSP Compiling on JDK8 was fixed.

    Issue Resolution

    184 issues ware resolved, for details see jira.

    Component Updates

    • Undertow 1.0.5.Final
    • JBoss MSC 1.2.2.Final
    • JBoss remoting 4.0.3.Final
    • XNIO 3.2.2.Final
    • JBoss EJB client 2.0.1.Final
    • JBeret 1.0.2.Final
    • Mojarra JSF impl 2.2.6-jbossorg-3
    • Hibernate Search 4.5.1.Final
    • RestEasy 3.0.8.Final
    • IronJacamar 1.1.5.Final
    • JBoss VFS 3.2.4.Final
    • Hibernate ORM 4.3.5.Final
    • JMS generic-ra 1.0.4.Final
    • HAL 2.2.2.Final
    • JBoss marshalling 1.4.5.Final
    • Infinispan 6.0.2.Final
    • JBoss modules 1.3.3.Final
    • ECJ 4.3.1
    • JGroups 3.4.3.Final
    • Jackson2 2.3.2
    • Apache CXF 2.7.10
    • JBoss WS 4.2.4.Final
    • PicketBox 4.0.21.Beta1
    • JBoss spec JSTL API 1.1.0.Final
    • JBoss negotiation 2.2.6.Final