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    Would you like to help shape the future of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 ? If you are interested, and have a few minutes to share your experience, this is your opportunity!


    If you are an existing user of JBoss EAP and/or AS/WildFly, we are interested in learning your top 7-10 tasks that are performed regularly using the Admin Console. Based upon the results, we'll decide on featuring the most common set of tasks using an easily accessible page in Admin Console.

    A priority order of the tasks would be very useful. Here are tasks that we've seen based upon our interactions so far:


    1. Create JDBC resource
    2. Deploy an application
    3. Watch the list of deployments (able to filter by name/type)
    4. Create server-groups and add/modify servers in them
    5. Create user, groups, and assign roles
    6. View/update JVM settings


    Here are some additional data points that would be helpful:


    • Why these tasks are important to you ?
    • What is the frequency of these tasks ? Several times a day, Daily, Weekly, Once every two weeks, Monthly
    • Do you rely exclusively upon Admin Console for these tasks ?
    • Do you use Admin Console during development only ? Deployment only ? Both ? Or Admin Console using development and scripts using deployment ? Some other combination.


    What tasks do you care about more ? What is your priority order ? A youtube video of your Admin Console usage would be very useful.


    Please drop a comment on this page. Continue to file bug reports/RFEs for EAP at customer support or JIRA issues for WildFly.


    Help us help you!