Version 2
    • Re-discuss the influence of @JoinColumn and @JoinTable for different datastores, e.g. in case of the "embedded" strategy for document stores
      • Currently @JoinTable is ignored in this case; should we log a warning (the value will be used when working with the "table" assocation mapping) strategy?
      • Should there be a specific annotation @PersistentField as @JoinColumn/@JoinTable seem not to use the right terms for document stores for instance
      • Ordered lists are persisted like so atm.:
        • "orderedChildren" : [ { "orderedChildren_id" : "dc47", "birthorder" : 2 }, { "orderedChildren_id" : "50d8", "birthorder" : 0 } ]
        • Should we provide a way to customize the "orderedChildren_id" part somehow?