Version 6

    We are happy to announce that mod_cluster version 1.3.1.Final has been released!


    You can obtain the release from:


    Change log for the 1.3.1.Alpha/Beta/Final releases:


    Release Notes - mod_cluster - Version 1.3.1.Final



    • [MODCLUSTER-441] - Upgrade Tomcat 8 support to 8.0.16 due to OPTIONS * broken (BZ#57187)


    Release Notes - mod_cluster - Version 1.3.1.Beta2

    Feature Request
    • [MODCLUSTER-432] - Java on MacOS X since Mavericks stopped behaving "linuxlike"


    Release Notes - mod_cluster - Version 1.3.1.Beta1

    • [MODCLUSTER-389] - standby worker doesn't work.
    • [MODCLUSTER-427] - mod_cluster can break stickiness for the first request on new child processes
    • [MODCLUSTER-435] - If "Balancer name includes" uppercase letter in name then mod_cluster will not maintain sticky sessions
    • [MODCLUSTER-443] - mod_cluster doesn't recognize ; as a proper context delimiter causing 404s on requests with URL jsessionids




    Feature Request
    • [MODCLUSTER-354] - Add support for Tomcat 8
    • [MODCLUSTER-431] - MulticastSocketFactoryImplTestCase.testMulticastSocketAllowCrossTalk doesn't work since JDK 1.8

    Release Notes - mod_cluster - Version 1.3.1.Alpha2

    Feature Request
    • [MODCLUSTER-414] - Fix compilation warnings in the native part
    • [MODCLUSTER-423] - Proxy configuration to allow a desired address/interface to be specified for the AS side of the proxy connection


    Release Notes - mod_cluster - Version 1.3.1.Alpha1

    • [MODCLUSTER-344] - No pings when using HTTP connector in default configuration
    • [MODCLUSTER-392] - mod_proxy_cluster.c doesn't compile with httpd 2.2.22
    • [MODCLUSTER-398] - mod_cluster deadlock in a jboss/windows environment
    • [MODCLUSTER-403] - UseAlias should use flag, interprets any On/Off/on/off as 0
    • [MODCLUSTER-404] - ModClusterService stop commands are always draining sessions
    • [MODCLUSTER-407] - worker-timeout can cause httpd thread stalls
    • [MODCLUSTER-408] - Requests are not properly drained during undeploy
    • [MODCLUSTER-418] - Upgrade maven repositories to jboss developer from the deprecated repositories


    Component Upgrade




    Feature Request