Version 1

    (The RichFaces project will reach its end of life in June 2016)


    What will happen to RichFaces resources?

    All resources are staying where they are; we will still host the documentation, downloads and the RichFaces Showcase.


    What will happen if a serious bug or security issue is discovered in the future?

    There will be no patches after the end of support. In case of discovering a serious issue you will have to develop a patch yourself or switch to another framework.


    Can we keep using RichFaces or should we switch to another framework?

    There’s no immediate need to switch. Apart from the core codebase upgrading third-party libraries (jQuery, CKEditor, …) is fairly straightforward so you can keep your project up-to-date. However if you encounter any bugs you will have to patch the source code yourself or switch to another framework.


    Do you have a recommendation for a framework we should switch to?

    There is no direct replacement for RichFaces so you will need to change your code to make it work with the new framework. You can choose from any JSF-based frameworks that are still active.


    Another option but considerably more difficult in terms of migrating your code is to switch to any of the modern frameworks that are leveraging HTML5 and JavaScript.


    Is there a way to keep RichFaces maintained?

    You are free to fork the project and keep working on it.