Version 5



    Today there is no way to deploy all disabled deployments (in standalone and server groups) in a single command. Here we are proposing to extend the deploy command with this ability.


    • The Deploy command must offer a way to identify all disabled deployments.
    • --name option can take '*' as a value to identify all the disabled deployments.
    • '*' value can be used in conjonction domain related options.
    • --force and --disabled are not applicable when --name='*' is in use.
    • Completion must propose '*' as a possible value when applicable.

    Design Notes

    • Update the DeployHandler implementation and associated help.
    • New unit tests to cover completion and '*' value will be added.
    • NB: '*' is not a pattern but a value that identifies all disabled deployments.
    • At some points the value <all> had been chosen. Although it is more explicit than '*' it could conflict with future CLI directions.


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