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    The boot log includes the basic information about the main product (specifically its name and version). The patching state of the installation is not currently reflected though. There has been a feature request to include the patching state into the boot log.


    The patching state is described with the last applied cumulative patch ID (or 'base', in case the product has not received a cumulative patch yet) and a list of one-off patches applied on top of the last applied cumulative patch (or 'base', in case the product has not received a cumulative patch yet).

    An example of a log message reflecting the patching state of an installation that has received cumulative patch with ID CP1 and one-off patches one-off1 and one-off2 from patch stream PATCH_STREAM:


    PATCH_STREAM cumulative patch ID is: CP1, one-off patches include: one-off1, one-off2


    Fresh installation that has not been patched assumes there is the default patch stream with the name matching the product name. For that installation (for example WildFly release) the patching state will logged as:


    WildFly cumulative patch ID is: base, one-off patches include: none


    Given that the EAP7 supports multiple patch streams per installation, the installation will have a separate patching state record for every patch stream it consumes. Each patching state recorded in the installation will be logged on a separate line.


    In the domain mode, patching states will be logged for the host controller and each started server.


    Patching states will be logged at INFO level.


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    AFFECTED PROJECTS OR COMPONENTS: WildFly Core Patching module