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    CLI doesn't support the streams attached to a response. Incremental deployment support offers today the ability to read the content of a deployment. It would be interesting to operate it from the CLI. Some resource (such as the log file) expose some attributes as stream.

    The following operations are returning streams:

    As we can see, streams can be located in attributes, as operation response, inside a resource.


    • Any operation returning streams in response must be supported.
    • The support for response attachments is expected to work in batch and non batch mode.
    • All kind of workflows (if, try) must support attachments.
    • The content of an attachment can be displayed or stored locally.
    • Existing behaviour (streams uuid displayed in console output) must be preserved.

    Design Notes

    • A new command named "attachment" is introduced: attachment {display|save} --operation=<operation> [--file={local path to file} --override]
    • If more than one attachment exists in the response, and --override is not present, the file name + an index is used to store the file.
    • If no file name is provided, the {CLI working dir}/{stream uuid} is used as the file path.
    • Completion is offered for the 3 options.
    • A bunch of new unit tests are to be developed.


    Relates to: Design notes for supporting browsing over content repository


    Product Issue(s)


    Upstream Issue(s)

    [WFCORE-1726] CLI support for response attachments

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    Jean-François Denise (