Version 1

    Here is the report on API changes and backward binary compatibility for the Infinispan Core library:


    The report is generated by the tool for jars found at Central Repository: org/infinispan/infinispan-core according to the article


    The tool checks all public API methods and classes by default (including undocumented).


    Also, one can analyze unreleased versions of the library manually:


    1. Create API dumps for your jars:


        japi-compliance-checker -l infinispan-core -dump infinispan-core-9.1.1.Final.jar -dump-path ./API-9.1.1.dump

        japi-compliance-checker -l infinispan-core -dump infinispan-core-9.2.0.Final.jar -dump-path ./API-9.2.0.dump


    2. Compare API dumps:


        japi-compliance-checker -l infinispan-core -old API-9.1.1.dump -new API-9.2.0.dump -report-path ./compat_report_9.1.1_vs_9.2.0.html

        echo $? # 0 — compatible changes, non-zero — non-compatible


    Thank you.