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    Our attempt is to build a systems integration framework which leverages the possibilities of different datasources with different schema and different services with different APIs to interact with each other in a called "Business Domain Integration of Problem spaces".

    For example, there could be DBs regarding customers, services regarding orders and an ERP handling inventory tasks, each from a different organization or business.

    The task in hand is to leverage the 'semantic' capabilities of the Semantic Web in order to being able to build 'metamodels' which abstract interactions of components from their underlying platforms, treating different source components in the same way due to Functional Programming techniques.

    This is possible of being achieved de-aggregating everything into its constituent parts and performing sorts of 'alignments' between corresponding parts at each level (schema / instances of data, information and knowledge) of, for example: DB tables, columns, rows, services behaviors, etc.

    The point is that Apache ServiceMix / JBoss Fuse seems as an ideal platform for this endeavor. As I have no prior experience in these products I ask myself if I'll be able to construct the necessary custom routing (reactive) components for this layering of models and also a custom OSGi blueprint namespace for ease of declarative implementation of solutions.

    As far as the project goes there is only a bunch of documents into a GitHub repository while we finish the analysis and design phase. Please consider that we are looking for help into the right manner to implement this 'correctly' on these platforms.

    Our current 'work' is available at:

    Thanks in advance. Best.


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