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    Adrian Brock


    Born in Doncaster, England 1969 (one day after Linus Torvalds).

    Graduated from the University Manchester with Joint Honors mathematics and physics in 1991.


    Adrian is the Chief Scientist for JBoss a division of Redhat.


    He has written everything from software delivery tools to an accounts package in his time.

    When not at a computer screen he enjoys sports and is a keen reader of history.


    Adrian (aka warjort) works on the JBoss Microkernel, JBossMX, the EJB container, JBossAOP and many other parts of JBoss.

    He is project lead for JBossMQ and JBossJCA.


    Adrian started working on JBoss when he was looking for an Open Source EJB container.

    He initially fixed a couple of memory leaks in hot deployment for the 2.4.4 release.

    Then he hit a bug in Sun's JMX reference implementation on java 1.4 so he helped

    implement JBossMX which was just getting started. While testing the integration of JBossMX

    into JBoss3.0 he got to learn a large part of the codebase and the rest is history.


    Blog: My blog is visible on any Linux machine, simply type the command:

    cat /dev/random