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    An Introduction to JMX


    Before looking at how JBoss uses JMX as its component bus, it would help to get a basic overview what  JMX is by touching on some of its key aspects. JMX components are defined by the Java Management Extensions Instrumentation and Agent Specification, v1.0. The material in this JMX overview section is derived from JMX  instrumentation specification, with a focus on the aspects most used by JBoss. A more comprehensive  discussion of JMX and its application can be found in JMX: Managing J2EE with Java Management Extensions written by Juha Lindfors (Sams, 0672322889, 2002).  (amazon)


    JMX is about providing a standard for managing and monitoring all varieties of software and hardware  components from Java. Further, JMX aims to provide integration with the large number of existing  management standards.


    The three levels are:


    • Instrumentation, which are the resources to manage

    • Agents, which are the controllers of the instrumentation level objects

    • Distributed services, the mechanism by which administration applications interact with agents and  their managed objects


    Additional JMX topics include: