Version 6

    Setting things up


    WSRP is implemented using the new JBoss WS stack. JBoss WS requires JBoss AS 4.0.4.GA or later. WSRP support in Portal 2.6.3 and above requires JBoss AS 4.2.1.GA and above and Java 5 and above.


    The following instructions assume that $JBP_HOME is the root of your JBoss Portal installation and $JBOSS_HOME the root of your JBoss AS installation.


    Building the WSRP service from Subversion:


    1. Check out a version of JBoss Portal 2.4 or above. The newly created directory will be your new $JBP_HOME in the following instructions.

    2. cd $JBP_HOME/build

    3. sh

    4. cd ../wsrp

    5. sh


    Running the WSRP test suite:


    1. Build WSRP as indicated above.

    2. sh tests-local


    Deploying WSRP on Portal with JBoss AS and the latest Subversion version of Portal:


    1. Download JBoss AS

    2. Follow the instructions on how to build WSRP from Subversion

    3. Deploy Portal:

      1. cd $JBP_HOME/build

      2. ant deploy or sh deploy

    4. Start JBAS:

      1. cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin

      2. sh



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