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    Building JBoss Portal 2.6.4 from source using Ant


    Building non-clustered binary

    • Check out the tag JBoss_Portal_2_6_4 from here if you are a commiter: or from here if you are not (yet):

    • Edit the build/ to suit your environment. At the least modify these two properties portal.deploy.dir, jboss.home

    • Open a console window and change directory to "build".

    • Call the script "build.bat" or "" (or "ant" if you have ant already installed in your environment).

    • The script will get all third party libraries to /thirdparty directory and then will start the build process

    • Once the build is completed with no errors, have a look at the output directory under each sub projects or modules.

    • The jboss-portal.sar will be created under core/output/lib. Examine this sar and you will find only a few modules have been created within this sar

    • To deploy the default "most" built modules, do "ant deploy" or "build deploy"

    • To deploy all the modules you should do "ant deploy-all" or "build deploy-all"

    • To deploy in exploded form you do "ant exploded-deploy".

    • Note there is no "exploded-deploy-all" in build/build.xml. You can however easily create it with the help of "deploy-all" target


    Building clustered binary

    JBoss Portal source comes with two modules that needs its configuration to be cluster enabled. The two modules are "core" and "core-cms". Follow instructions as you would build the non-clustered binary up to the deploy step.

    • Now change directory to "core" and "core-cms" and do "ant output-ha".

    • This will create the -ha.sars under the respective modules.

    • Notice however there is no deploy target in build.xml

    • To deploy you will need to manually explode the jboss-portal-ha.sar and jboss-portal-cms-ha.sar to their appropriate folder under JBoss's deploy directory.

    • It is always advisable to delete the pre-existing directories before overwriting them.

    • So ideally if you explode jboss-portal-ha.sar only the "most" modules will be available which are "core", "ajax" and "server".

    • After this you will need to explode the jboss-portal-cms-ha.sar and any other individual modules as needed like "workflow" etc.,

    • But it is a manual process!



    You can also build the clustered binary using the following ant command "ant -buildfile distrib.xml package-ha" however you will need to check out the docs to the appropriate location and modify the following in distrib.xml

    <property name="source.dir" value="../../JBoss_Portal_2_6_4"></property>
                <fileset dir="${docs.dir}/referenceGuide/en/"></fileset>
                <fileset dir="${docs.dir}/userGuide/en/"></fileset>
                <fileset dir="${docs.dir}/quickstartuser/en/"></fileset>
                <fileset dir="licences"></fileset>


    The JBoss_Portal_2_6_4 docs should be checked out in the same root directory as where the sources are.


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