Version 8

    Changing Databases from the Default Datasource

    These changes will direct you how to change your DefaultDS to a new Database vendor from the hypersonic default.


    Step 1:  Locate and Copy your JDBC driver into the server/${serverConfig}/lib directory.





    Step 2:  Replace the default datasource file with the appropriate one for your database type.





    Step 3:  Verify that you have the correct type Mappings for EJB 2.1 CMP as well as EJB2.1 timers





    Step 4:  Change JBossMQ Database Files if you have JBossMQ installed(JBoss 4.2 and below)





    Step 5:  Change JBoss Messaging Database files if you have JbossMessaging installed(JBoss 4.3 and above)



    Following these steps should allow you to change your database from the default.