Version 4

    EJB3 Clustered Demo


    This demo shows you how easily you can use Stateful Session Beans in a Clustered environment.  The demo contains a SFSB that counts the number of times a client calls it, this is output to the System Console on both the server and the client.


    If you run this demo across two or more servers and connect with the provided client you can then shutdown one server, at which point the client will silently failover to another server.


    The demo contains two packages for the server piece, either a JAR or an exploded archive.  The exploded archive is provided so that you can override the annotations in the jboss.xml file.  See the README.txt for more information.


    What's required to run this demo?


    • JBossAS 4.0.4CR2 or later with the 'all' configuration

    • EJB3 installed on the above App Server

    • This demo ZIP


    Install Notes from dbrum:


    Using the JAR Installer for RC2 with EJB3 and clustering support ended up with some missing deployers (like the ServiceBindingManager, etc).