Version 25

    Welcome to the JBoss ESB getting started guide


    Steps :


    Download the latest release

    In order to use the JBoss ESB, you will need to download the JBoss ESB package and a compatible application server.    The ESB project provides a lightweight standalone ESB server which you can use, or you can also use the JBoss application server.    For the purposes of this document, we'll assume that you are using the standalone ESB server.


    Check the JBoss ESB downloads page for a list of the most recent ESB releases.


    Configure JBoss ESB with your app server

    • After unzipping the ESB package, go to the install directory and copy time the file name is only deployment) to need to create this file and copy contents of deployment file into this).  Edit the file and set org.jboss.esb.server.home and org.jboss.esb.server.config.

    • If you are using JBoss AS, run ant deploy

    • If you are deploying the ESB Server, the ESB is already configured with the application server


    Run the quick starts

    • The "Hello World" quickstart will verify that your installation has been configured correctly.   To run the "Hello World" quickstart, change directory to samples/quickstarts/helloworld

    • ant deploy

    • ant runtest

    • For the all of the quickstarts, ant help will give instructions on how to run the particular quickstart.


    Eclipse Getting Started

    • For Eclipse users, we also offer a small plugin which will create a sample ESB project to start you off.   The following are installation instructions to get you set up with it

    • In Eclipse, Choose Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install

    • Choose "Search for new features to install"

    • Create a "New Remote Site"

    • Name your new remote site JBoss ESB Update Site and enter the URL

    • Hit "Finish"

    • You should be allowed to choose to install the org.soa.jboss.esb.template feature.   Follow the prompts to install.

    • Once you have finished and refreshed the Workbench, Choose File->New Project

    • Under New Project, there should be a heading for "JBoss ESB".   Create a new "ESB Package" and give it a project name.    The build.xml file generated should help you build and run the HelloWorld test.