Version 6

    How to get Jaas/JBoss security in JBoss EJB3 Embedded?


    Download EmbeddedSecurityService.jar and put it on your classpath.


    Create a login-config.xml (with for example UsersRolesLoginModule), see JBoss AS for examples.

    Make sure login-config.xml is on the classpath.


    After the boot of EJB3 Standalone BootStrap add the following line:



    Voila Jaas/JBoss security.


    How to secure my (session) bean?


    public class Calculator implements CalculatorLocal {
        public int add(int a, int b) {
            return a + b;


    Developer Info


    I used the latest source of JaasSecurityManager and deleted all references to MBeans.

    Then I made a JaasSecurityManagerService from scratch (borrowed some ideas though) as

    a micro kernel bean.