Version 3

    Optimizing bootstrap and deployment time


    1. Remove messaging.  If you're not going to use JMS, remove the deploy/messaging directory as well as deploy/jms-ds.xml (if here).  JMS takes about 20-25% of boottime

    2. If you're not using EJB, remove deployers/ejb3-deployer-beans.xml and deploy/ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml.  When using EJB, any .jar file passed through the deployment architecture will be scanned by the EJB 3 deployer for EJB annotations.  This scanning starts to slow down boot time when you have large .jar files.

    3. If you are using EJB, then you might want to modify deployers/ejb3-deployer-beans.xml and add jars you want to ignore for scanning.