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    Help Bug Report


    Are you sure it is a bug?


    If NO, please post a question on StackOverflow, tagged with:


    If YES, please report your bug in JIRA:





    • DUPLICATION: Make sure it is not already reported and/or fixed. i.e. You should test the latest version before reporting a bug and use search.


    • QUALITY: Include as much information as possible that is required to reproduce the problem. A simple unit test is the best way to report a bug. If you don't want your bug reported closed as "Incomplete description" ask yourself these "20 questions" or what other information might be useful.


    • SECURITY ISSUE: If you report security sensitive issue, mark checkbox in 'Security Sensitive Issue' field please. It allows responsible persons to catch the issue and process it accordingly.


    • DATA ENTRY: Do not change fields marked "FOR USE BY COMMITTERS ONLY". Doing so will annoy the developers and can break the roadmap or release notes. e.g. claiming something is fixed in the wrong version


    • PRIORITY: Do not change the priority. The priority is there for developers to schedule their own work, your priority is irrelevant.


    • DISCUSSION: If you want to guess what the problem is, how it should be solved or discuss it in more detail, use the forums. JIRA is intended to be a record of what was done to fix problems NOT a collection of random uneducated speculation!



    • HELP: Bug reports are not the place to ask for help. Typically, if you are asking a question, you should use the forums.


    • GETTING A FIX: Options for getting something fixed:


      • Vote for the bug - DO NOT ME TOO or Hijack other people's issues.

      • Fix the bug yourself (please post pull requests against the JBoss Tools or Developer Studio git repos - not only does this help other users it also gives you additional pairs of eyes on the potential fix).

      • Hire somebody else to fix it for you, e.g. a JBoss support contract.

      • Wait for the developers to fix it when it has reached the top of their priority list.




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