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    Here's a quick link to the contributor application:

    Getting Started in the JBoss Community


    The strength of JBoss Professional Open Source is the large and vibrant developer community that keeps the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System suite of products at the forefront of innovation. JBoss was built over the years by smart developers like you, and respecting each other's work has been a key ingredient of this successful open source community.


    Members of the community routinely:


    • Contribute new code

    • Beta test new releases

    • Help debug issues and contribute bug fixes

    • Answer each other's questions on user lists

    • Evangelize the JBoss Community and other open source projects

    • Provide input into product roadmaps


    All contributions are needed and welcomed! It is people like you that truly keep the community active and alive. To better understand what it means to get involved in the JBoss Community, please start by reading the message from JBoss CTO Scott Stark and the JBoss Core Values page. Before we can accept any code you need to have signed either an individual or corporate contributor agreement.


    If you think the JBoss Community is for you, then the best way to get started is to join our development lists and get involved with the patches and todos. To optimize everyone's time, please consider spending a few days studying the existing JBoss foundation. The best way to do this, in addition to reading the documentation and the development guides, is to fix a few open bugs.


    Developer Guides


    Please have a look at the JBoss Development Process Guide. It covers the principles of JEMS, coding style, obtaining committer access, build system, patch management and other useful information.


    Volunteer for a TODO


    The project schedule lists all tasks that have to be complete. If you locate a task that is not assigned or is incomplete, feel free to chime in. Send a note to the project lead or the TODO forum with a reference to the task, stating that you would like to own it. If there is an area where you want to make a contribution, but there are no relevant tasks announced, please post a message on the TODO forum.


    Repeat this operation a few times, and with a bit of luck and persistence you could catch a committers' attention and be rewarded with ReadWrite access to our tree.


    Submit Patches


    All new patch reports will be emailed to the JBoss-development list automatically for developers to take notice. Please try to give a detailed description of your patch, the symptoms and the intended behaviour so that the developers are able to test your patch and commit it. Unified diff (diff -u) is preferred, but all formats are welcome.


    Submit a Patch


    Submit Bug Reports


    When submitting a bug, please include the following information:


    • Your Operating System (WindowsNT, Linux, ...)

    • JDK Version (1.2.2, 1.3, ...)

    • Server trace from the console (JDK version is at the beginning..)

    • Steps to reproduce the bug

    • Your bug report will be automatically sent to the developer list.


    Submit a Bug Report


    Submit Feature Requests


    If you're dying to see a new feature in the next JBoss release, or you just want to voice out your idea of how to improve the existing ones, send a feature request for it.


    Submit a Feature Request


    Change Notes


    After committing new features to SVN/CVS, please create a issue with appropriate change note. This will help us to compose change logs for the next release.


    Release Notes Guidelines


    SVN Instructions


    You can get svn instructions on obtaining the source code from our repositories here: SVN Information Page