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    Http session replication benchmark


    JBoss is currently working with Japan OSS community to conduct http session replication benchmarking using a micro J2EE benchmark framework called JBento. The initial results are shown here.


    From the site, you can check out the benchmark details for the latest JBoss release 4.0.3SP1. Please note that the results published so far are for the so-called throttled throughput, that is, it has N clients sending http requests and then sleep for a fixed period of time to measure the response time and CPU utiliziation.


    Work is currently going to benchmark different session replication setting.


    Our recommendation of the clustering stack if you are running AS4.0.3SP1: JBossCache 1.2.4SP2, JGroups 2.2.8 or 2.2.9. Please note that 1.2.4SP2 comes with JGroups 2.2.8 already while AS has 2.2.7 version.


    Meanwhile, here is a recommended tc5-cluster-service.xml stack for high load.




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