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Today I bring good news to all the fellow Arquillians out there. We just got our own project site!


The project site is the place to go to find all information about the project. It has the typical items like:


  • Overview
  • About the project
  • Features
  • Downloads
  • Documentation
  • Building from source
  • Links to the:   
    • Community space (SBS)
    • Source control (SVN)
    • Issue tracker (JIRA)
    • CI builds (Hudson)


But to keep things interesting, we've also aggregated rolling information, such as:


  • Latest blog entires from the community blog
  • External articles feed
  • Recent commits in source control (with links to JIRA issues)
  • Ohloh project stats
  • Current build status (The blue orb in the corner of the Ohloh stats)


The Arquillian complements the project site as host of the dynamic community content--our forums (discussions), community articles and blog entries. The information on our old "wiki home page" will eventually be phased out and replaced by the community space + the project site.


See something that's missing? Want something changed? As always we would like the communities feedback on where to go from here. Please don't hesitate to let us know!


Now head over to the Arquillian project site and poke around.


Look for the link on the right to find cool Arquillian swag and a wallpaper for your desktop!

I will use the opportunity to give a big thanks to cheyenneweaver for the great artwork and to dan.j.allen for bringing life to the site! Now, let's get back to those new features!


[ Arquillian Project Site | Arquillian Community Space ]

We're thrilled to announce that the Arquillian logo has been chosen.  We received well over 100 responses from the community during the three rounds of feedback on the Arquillian logo drafts. That feedback was shared with the design team, which helped steer them towards a design you felt best represented the project and the software. Thanks to all who participated!


Behold, an alien has invaded your container!


The competition between the universe globe and the alien eyes was very tight. In the end, we decided to put the eyes inside a container and reserve the universe theme for the banner, which you'll get to see when the project page is finished.


We also carefully selected a font face for the project name to match the coolness of the logo.


If you dig the artwork, don't just look at it, show it off! Make it one of your 37 pieces of flair or grab a t-shirt to complete your look from the Arquillian swag shop on CafePress.


At the end of the day, after you close all your browser and IDE windows, we want to make sure you know that Arquillian is ever present in your mind. So, our design team has also prepared a bedazzling desktop wallpaper for you (in lots of resolutions, including one for your smartphone).


Give a shout-out to cheyenneweaver for the hard work she put into creating this artwork (and for putting up with our wayward change requests for two months).


Now we need to work on getting the Arquillian project page together and push out an Alpha2 release.